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Who Moved My Cheese?

Having experienced many transitions living abroad, my family knew what it was like to have our cheese moved. . . . Moving, transitions, and more…


Living in a Hostile Environment

By: Delana H Stewart Third Culture Kids and hostile environments. Just open a news site in your web browser and you will see hostile environments left and right: Ukraine, Syria, Nigeria, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen. How can parents help their children process what they are hearing, seeing, being exposed to on a daily…

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Prevent Anorexia and Bulimia

Teach our daughters (and sons) that bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating are all forms of self-abuse, and that this violates God’s will.  [I Corinthians 6:19-20; Romans 12:1] Teach our daughters (and sons) that they have Someone in Jesus Christ who understands their trials and hurts, and Who desires to meet their deepest needs. Teach our…

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Special Needs or Just a Phase?

[Formerly Posted as Recognizing Special Needs] –Delana H Stewart Undiagnosed Learning Needs Many times students in homeschool and national school environments have learning needs or special needs that go undiagnosed.  Oftentimes, this is because those of us working with these students do not know the signs to look for.  We just think our child or…


Parenting the Internationally Adopted Child

By: Patty Cogen A review by Delana H. Stewart This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend to anyone considering international adoption.  Even those who have already adopted abroad would find this extremely helpful (even if you’ve had your child for 10 years already).  It is a great resource from your first hours together,…


Helping Children Set Priorities

By: Beverly S “Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these other things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 Children have no comprehension of time management or “planning ahead.”  They absolutely cannot understand why they must clean their room before they can play (we think—“let’s get the worst over…

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A Dr. Seuss Twist on Expats and Transitions

Whether you are preparing a student to head off to college or boarding school, or heading on home leave or just arriving in a new country, you will greatly enjoy reading this blog post Oh, the places you’ll go! by blogger “I was an expat wife.” On this day, the birthday of Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) she gives tribute to the book, using timeless quotes to cover issues, such as

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Tantrums and Meltdowns

–Delana H Stewart    [You may also be interested in reading the poem “Heart Tears.”]  Kicking and screaming at the top of her lungs in the middle of a busy shopping center, my then  five year old daughter began taking off her shoes, then clothes and throwing them wildly. In beginning to read the book…


The Parent’s Guide — Solutions to Behavior Problems (12 days of Christmas, 10 days)

By:Delana S Last month I had an opportunity to browse through a library of education and parenting books. I came across one book that would be an excellent resource for parents. Though I did not read the entire book, it is designed as a reference manual to assist parents in specific problem areas.  It is…


Sexting, Cyberbullies, “Playing Doctor,” and Stranger Danger

By: Delana S “Your five-year-old daughter is playing in her room with a couple of friends. You hear a lot of giggling and squealing. When you open the door to check on the kids, you find them sitting on the floor with their panties off, pointing at and touching each other’s genitals….” begins a booklet…


Authentic Hope: Life-Changing Answers–June 2010 update

[***June 2010 Update: Visit Dr. Kathy Koch’s Blog on Multiple Intelligences…click here. Check out her book on Authentic Hope and her DVD titled Authentic Answers. Check out her DVD  “HOW AM I SMART? A Guide to Multiple Intelligences” (DVD/2006)–click here See the companion article on The Education Cafe titled: How Does Your Child Think?***] Dr.…


Ready to Give Up?

Go Ahead Give up Be selfish Want what you don’t have Boast Force your views on others Have your way Fly off the handle Keep score of others’ sins Revel when others grovel Be deceptive Don’t put up with it Don’t trust God always Don’t look for the best Don’t keep on going to the…

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Empowering Mothers, part 1: Dealing with Power Drains

By: Delana H Stewart [Or, download Empowering Mothers the whole four part series of articles.] Three years ago God blessed our family with a five year old girl, who though she came with very few physical possessions, came fully loaded with excess baggage. Though I had been parenting for nearly two decades, I needed to…

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Empowering Mothers, part 2: Establishing Respect

By: Delana H Stewart [Or, download Empowering Mothers the whole four part series of articles.] Part 1 of this series on empowering mothers equipped moms to deal with power drains. Nancy L. Thomas who wrote “When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder,” teaches parents how to establish respect.…

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Empowering Mothers, part 3, Developing Self-Control

By:Delana H Stewart [Or, download Empowering Mothers the whole four part series of articles.] In her article “When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder,” Nancy L. Thomas shared advice on giving choices, setting limits, and self-control. Her tips have been adapted here for use with all children (not…

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Empowering Mothers, part 4, Avoiding Battles

By: Delana H Stewart [Or, download Empowering Mothers the whole four part series of articles.] Dealing with power drains, establishing respect, and developing self-control are only part of being the strong parent that your kids need you to be. In “When Love is Not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder,” Nancy…


Addendum to Empowering Mothers: The symptoms of Attachment Disorder

Acting phony around strangers Avoids eye contact with people who Hugs strangers (most toddlers and young children would be shy) Stiff hugger. Not cuddly with loved ones. Sneaky. Extreme control problems. Destructive to self and others and animals. Lying (telling lies or twisting stories). Impulsive. Learning disorder—can’t or won’t follow instructions. Lacks the ability to…


Depression in Teens and Young Children

BIBLICAL RESPONSE TO DEPRESSION (Contributed by: Dale J) In dealing with depression among teenagers, generally speaking the types of depression need to be understood. Basically, the two types of depression are of a physical nature and etiology and the depression which has an emotional/behavioral etiology. The two variations may utilize some of the same basic…


Counseling and Parenting Issues

Links to articles on this blog about Counseling Issues: Lying Developing Spiritual Growth in Children Motivating Children Why Children Bite Developing Boundaries with Kids Healthy Love (without overprotecting, overcontrolling, overindulging) Preventing Anorexia and Bulimia Eating Disorders Teens in Isolation Raising Girls Parenting Teens Children, Teens, and Pornography—part 1 Children, Teens, and Pornography—part 2 Children, Teens,…


Brain Development of Youth

Delana S Recently, I watched a video interview of Dr. Daniel Amen on the topic of brain development.  This was one lecture in a series of counseling lectures by various authors to fulfill the requirement of a counseling course.  It did not surprise me that this particular lecture especially fascinated me, as our family recently…