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Helping Kids Develop Financial Skills

Personal finance, savings, giving, banking, entrepreneurship skills must be taught to our children. Author Peter Greer, in his book Watching Seeds Grow, says: “. . . if we do not start good habits early, they are much harder to form later. . . .No one wants their child to graduate high school making the wrong financial decisions half the time.”

Who’s Coming in an Hour?

Your mother-in-law (or an old college pal) phones and says: “Guess what? We decided to come for a visit and we’ll be there in an hour.” Or, you look at the clock and realize your husband will be home from work in just one hour. You know you have been busy all day, but will he be able to tell? Here are some tips for what you can do with just one hour.

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I’m From….

Originally posted on MARILYN R. GARDNER:
I’m From…by Robynn and Adelaide Adelaide is a sophomore in high school. She’s in grade 10. The Language Arts teacher wanted them to write a poem introducing themselves to her and to the class. It was a simple assignment. Five short stanzas. Two lines each. Begin each stanza with,…

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Sole Writer

–Delana H. Stewart WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter have opened up a whole new world for budding writers. Parents often ask me how to encourage their children who desire to become professional writers. Here are some things I have learned along the way. Encourage your budding writers to: Keep a journal. Write in your journal daily,…

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Crawly Not So Creepy

Is your child afraid of spiders? I think many children (and adults) at some point in their lives get spooked by spiders. Whether big and hairy or small and jumpy, spiders are notorious for frightening children. Who can forget Little Miss Muffet? Many spiders are not dangerous and even help us by eating bothersome insects.…

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Online Tutoring

“Is mobile learning right for every student? Perhaps not. But for those students who are comfortable with technology and prefer the convenience factor of mobile learning, there is no reason to doubt the efficacy of the experience . . .” This guest post shares information regarding virtual tutoring, as opposed to face-to-face tutoring. [This is…